Our Stuff

Our Gamified World is a web series that explores gamification in various contexts, from education to business to health and beyond. Episodes will go live every second Monday on our YouTube channel, as well as podcasted every other Monday via SoundCloud. Please feel free to subscribe to these, to this site to receive weekly blog updates, and/or follow us on Twitter for extra resources. We aim over time to change it up and keep things interesting – thanks for your interest, and stay tuned!!

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide you with quality content and contribute to the growing world of gamification in our own little way. We not only investigate and talk forms of gamification in different areas, but also put things into practice in our own work in the education sector – and we’ll share the products and results of this with you from time to time.

Our Team


Danielle Teychenne


Danielle is an Interactive Media Developer based in the Health faculty at Deakin University. Danielle’s role focuses on creating student engagement solutions via the integration of eLearning and interactive multimedia products. This is unsurprising as Danielle grew up around educational games such as Carmen Sandiego, Reader Rabbit and Treehouse. Previous to this role, Danielle studied a bachelor of Film and Digital Media. Danielle is currently undertaking study in the fields of vocational and higher education. Danielle’s interests lie in educational games, gamification, self-paced MOOCs, and emerging technologies that support higher education.


Adam Brown


Adam is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Media at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. Gamification is a major area of his teaching and research, and he has recently gamified subjects he teaches to enhance student activity and engagement. More broadly, Adam’s interdisciplinary research has spanned Holocaust representation across various genres, women in film, surveillance cinema, mediations of rape, digital children’s television, nonhuman animal ethics, transmedia storytelling, and gaming cultures. Adam’s ridiculous number of tabletop and Xbox games are currently planning a revolt to overthrow him, although his maltese-shitzu Tiffany has so far kept them at bay. Further details about Adam can be found via his website, Twitter, and YouTube.


 Dylan Hornsby

Dylan has been working in the creative media industry since 2011, having been involved in short films, web series, crowdfunding campaigns, and more. He is currently the Creative Producer at Not Half Bad Productions who bring video and marketing campaigns to life for clients such as the City of Melbourne, Strike Bowling Bar and the Sand Hill Road Group. Dylan is currently in the final year of his double Bachelor in Arts and Commerce, where he will major in the fields of Film Studies, Marketing, and Media and Communication.