What is Gamification?
– Episode 1

You don’t have to play games to play around…

Okay, so that’s not exactly how this blog was supposed to start out, but it does help in some small way to make the key distinction this post is concerned with. In a world where games are fast becoming a pervasive pastime for people of all ages, the recent phenomenon of ‘gamification’ is taking on increasing importance. The word is young, but its reach around the world – not least of all through the immensely popular Pokemon Go augmented reality app, to take just one example – is immense.

Photo by Adam Brown, 1 September 2016

Efforts to gamify everything from corporate professional development to brushing one’s teeth isn’t the same as the making and playing of games. However, the fact that so many people enjoy games is tied inextricably to the adoption of gamification in various contexts. Such practices are often motivated by the need to respond to the widespread and widely acknowledged crisis (or crises) of engagement in present day society. This rise of gamification is the catalyst for our new web series Our Gamified World, and we’re thrilled to share our first episode with you here.

The origins of a seven minute video can be surprisingly complex. Indeed, the genesis of Our Gamified World might be traced all the way back to an earlier video filmed in 2014 in which Adam first interviewed Danielle on the subject of gamification for teaching purposes. Months passed, and at some point the idea of putting together a web series was born. Soon we were too excited by the prospect of exploring this theme in a more substantial way to let it remain a ‘possibility,’ and what you see below is the first of many videos that will traverse the landscape of our gamified world…

Thanks for reading/watching. We hope you enjoy our first episode and look forward to sharing more ideas and interacting with you via Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Vine, Periscope – who knows, maybe even more!!

And so it begins…

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