Level Complete – Episode 10

Facing down the boss monster.

A blog about something that has come to an end may seem a strange way to start off the New Year, but we’d rather consider this ending for Our Gamified World a beginning. This week we round out our Level 1 episodes by looking back on our experiences making the show in 2016. We reflect on what we’ve taken from our conversations with each other, industry practitioners we’ve met, and students we’ve interacted with in different gamified contexts. We’ve explored the subject of gamification in relation to the workplace, fitness training, language-learning, mental health, teaching food regulation, among other contexts. Of course, the scope of our initial journey has been far from comprehensive and there are many more exciting places we plan to go in the near future…

Some months ago, before we even began filming our first episode, Danielle and I decided that rather than call each set of videos in this web series ‘seasons’, we would call them ‘levels’. This may have been as much for thematic and aesthetic purposes than anything else at the time, but we quickly found a more practical reason why this felt like a good fit. Next year, we’re planning to ‘level up’ our series by bringing in some new elements – we’ve got some ideas of what these will be, but we’re not sharing them yet – mystery is a key element of gamification after all! 😉

I’d like to take this opportunity on behalf of the OGW team to thank everybody who’s given their time to engage with the various videos, podcasts, periscopes, and blogs we’ve developed, and we look forward to further expanding both this content and our network with the amazing and ever-expanding community around the world interested in gamification – and, of course, those people who don’t know what it is… yet! For now though, here is our final episode for Level 1:

So now that we’ve told you what we’ve taken from our experiences of gamification in 2016, we’d love for you to tell us what you’ve learnt. Hit us up with a comment here, on Twitter, or by email.

And as always, thanks for watching and happy gamifying!!

Level complete.

victory by Holidayextras (CC BY 2.0)

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