Road Trip! Taking OGW to the World – Episode 2 Follow-up

If you build it, will they come?

20160921_152221We’ve been thinking a lot about content creation and engagement this week. This is part and parcel of our day-to-day jobs of course, but we also had the good fortune (and not only to leave Melbourne’s miserable skies) to travel to Sydney on 21 September to present at The Content Safari industry forum convened by ArkGroup Australia. We called the workshop we facilitated ‘Compelling Content and User Engagement’, and found ourselves introducing the concept of gamification to a number of practitioners from various industries for the first time.

We had a terrific chat throughout the session with a great group of people, and discovered many fascinating synergies between the crisis of engagement university educators face and the problems encountered by content creators from all walks of life. All in all, the discussion revealed not only the potential need for – and likely value of – gamification in a number of contexts, but a widespread openness to its possibilities on the part of those who were only just being introduced to it.

Part of this workshop allowed Danielle to showcase her project ‘The Story of Help’, and given that this gamified eLearning module was the focus of Episode 2, it seemed only natural for this week’s Periscope broadcast to follow up on both our last video/podcast and our road plane trip to Sydney…

20160921_131214As you can see in our reflections above and in our on-the-spot professional selfie, we had a ball at The Content Safari and we’re very grateful to everyone who organised and participated in the event. Particular thanks are due to Amanda Bagnall and Neerja Kansakar of ArkGroup for giving us the opportunity to dedicate some hours to thinking and talking gamification. It’s a subject that only gets more interesting the deeper you delve into it.

I think we actually stopped talking about gamification constantly by the time we got to the airport, maybe…

Thanks for reading, and happy gamifying!

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