Gamifying Food Regulation for Students – Episode 2

Introducing each other by interviewing each other. This may sound like a somewhat unconventional strategy for co-hosts to start a new web series off with, but reflecting one of those unforgettable lines from the 1960s: ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time.’ Of course, we’ve done the usual thing by providing some brief bios on this site’s About page too, but we thought that talking about our own practical preoccupations with gamification in an early episode would not only give viewers more of a sense of where we’re coming from, but would also help showcase our enthusiasm for the subject (given you can’t see our mobile phones, which have far too many gamified apps downloaded on them!).

danielle-profile-croppedThe majority of future episodes of Our Gamified World will explore a diverse array of contexts in which something has been gamified. Other episodes might be dedicated to a particular issue or even a popular culture text that represents gamification (the currently screening film Nerve being the nearest example at hand). We use many forms of gamification to engage ourselves and others as part of our work at Deakin University, but it’s also our intention to interview further practitioners when opportunity allows – so keep an eye out for future videos that may deviate from our standard ‘episodes’ as the nature of the web series organically develops and morphs as time goes on!

For now, Episode 2 provides a glimpse at the work of Interactive Media Developer Danielle Teychenne, particularly in terms of her creation of the gamified eLearning module ‘The Story of Hemp’. We would love to hear from you with any questions and feedback, so feel free to tweet Danielle at @DTeychenne or email her via

In the meantime, happy viewing and gamifying!



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