Everything is (Not Always) Awesome – Episode 1 Follow-up

LEGO Monopoly by Ayleen Gaspar (CC BY 2.0)

We love the subject of gamification, but that doesn’t mean everything is awesome, no matter what the cute lego people say!

We started filming Our Gamified World some months ago, and decided to hold off on launching the series until we had enough episodes in the bank to comfortably release future ones on a consistent basis. Looking back at our opening discussion of gamification in Episode 1, we (predictably) sounded pretty enthusiastic about this whole gamification thing – and that is, of course, still the case. However, we don’t want to come across as promoting only its perceived and real benefits.

When considering any element of contemporary media culture, it’s important to balance the potentialities with the limitations. We want to put forward a balanced view of gamification, and in future weeks and months (and fingers crossed even years!) you’ll hear us reflect on both the benefits and problems involved in gamifying various aspects of human existence.

A further addition to the Our Gamified World content we introduced a few days ago was a live Periscope broadcast, which we plan to make a regular occurence between the fortnightly release of episodes. Taking a broad brushstroke approach, we gestured to the potential pitfalls of gamification by highlighting issues of normalisation, banalisation, and commercial exploitation, the last of which has been deftly pointed to by Extra Credits. For a brief conversation about the darker (or at least slighly less bright) side of gamification, check out the embedded broadcast below…

Thanks for reading/watching! As we said in the above broadcast, we’d love to hear from you so please feel free to reach out and we’ll reach right back!

In the meantime, happy gam(ify)ing! 🙂

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